10 Recommended Divi Plugins

One of the greatest advantages of Divi is the vast amount of available third-party plugins. These plugins expand on current features, add new features, and take your Divi website into new and better directions that normally wouldn’t be possible without adding a lot of code. There are so many plugins available that it can be difficult to know which are best for your needs. In this article, we’ll look at the 10 best Divi plugins to help you decide if they’re right for your Divi website. They’re in no particular order.

Divi Supreme

Divi Supreme

Divi Supreme adds over 40 modules to the Divi Builder and 7 extensions to expand the abilities of Divi. Modules add text effects, social media feeds, menus, price lists, shapes to use as background elements and designs, image effects, dividers, business hours, star ratings, and lots more. Extensions add features to the Divi sections, rows, and columns, certain modules, and the Divi library. They allow you to schedule when elements will show, add features to the header, create popups with multiple trigger options, add a read more link, add shortcodes to the library, and add a library widget. The shortcodes and the widget allow you to place Divi layouts anywhere you want.

Price: $40 | More Information | Divi Supreme Review

Key Features 

  • Starts from $40
  • 40+ Divi modules
  • 7 extensions add new features to the Builder and more
  • Schedule elements
  • Use Divi layouts anywhere
  • Create popups

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Divi Mobile

Divi Engine logo

Divi Mobile plugin gives you a lot of control over mobile headers. It adds lots of new features to create custom mobile menus. Add premade menus, hamburger icons, sub-menus, inject layouts into specific locations, and more. Adjust the search icon, cart icon, hamburger icon, and logo positions. Customize the icons, choose animations, adjust height and colors of the header elements, and create mega menus using Divi layouts. It also includes a stop-stacking option to give you more control over how menus display on different screen sizes. The menus include several layout and viewing options with lots of animation styles and settings to choose from.

Price: £12 | More Information

Key Features 

  • Starts from £12
  • Premade design
  • Multiple hamburger icons
  • Change mobile breakpoint
  • Inject Divi layouts
  • Header control

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Divi Mega Pro

Divi life logo

Divi Mega Pro is a mega menu builder that lets you create mega menus and popups using the Divi Builder. It works with all of Divi’s design tools and features, and it even works with third-party Divi modules and other WordPress plugins that work with Divi layouts. Mega Tooltips allows you to create small popups with the Divi Builder that will provide information and other types of content while keeping visitors on the page. Use anything as a trigger, such as links, buttons, images, etc., to open the menu or tooltips.

Price: $24 | More Information

Key Features 

  • Starts from $24
  • Create mega menus with the Divi Builder
  • Use anything as a trigger
  • Mega Tooltips provides information and content on hover

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Divi Blog Module

Divi Gear Logo

Divi Blog Module is a new blog module that adds a lot more layouts and features than the standard blog module. Layouts include masonry, magazine/newspaper, grid, full-width, and lots more. You have full control over post content, read more buttons, featured images, separated borders, and meta customization. Set the featured image as a background, style pagination, control spacing for content, meta, and buttons, set equal heights, and more. It has 45 pre-made templates to help you get a head start on your blog designs.

Price: $25 | More Information

Key Features 

  • Starts from $25
  • New blog module
  • Multiple blog layouts
  • Style and control post meta
  • Style read more buttons
  • 45+ premade layouts

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Divi Pixel

Divi Pixel logo

Divi Pixel adds over 200 custom options, 19 modules, and mobile menu features to Divi. Options allow you to customize your Divi headers, footers, back-to-top buttons, 404 pages, preloaders, and login pages, and upload files such as custom map markers and SVGs. A layout injector lets you use Divi layouts in multiple places within your Divi website. Modules add counters, breadcrumbs, before and after sliders, typing text effects, flip boxes, and more. The mobile menu settings make it easy to create a completely custom mobile menu with social icons, animated hamburger icons, overlays, and menu items.

Price: $49 | More Information

Key Features 

  • Starts from $49
  • 200 custom options
  • Layout injector
  • Preloaders
  • 19 Divi modules
  • Mobile menu

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Image Intense


Image Intense adds a new module to the Divi Builder that’s a combination of three modules: images, text, and buttons to create custom blurbs, images, CTAs, and lots more. It has 22 overlay and hover effects and lots of options for your images, text, and buttons to create designs that pop. Image effects include hover transitions, mix blend modes, opacity, and more. The visual effects work great for custom call-to-action elements. Buttons can be added anywhere within a 3×3 grid. Opacity and blends can be changed before and after hover to create interesting custom designs.

Price: $39 | More Information

Key Features 

  • Starts from $39
  • Divi module
  • Buttons added to grid
  • 22 overlay and hover effects
  • Multiple image, text, and button options

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Divi Carousel Module

Divi Gear Logo

Divi Carousel Module adds a new module to both Divi and Extra to add an unlimited number of carousel sliders to your website and style them like any Divi module. Types of carousels include content, image, testimonial, logo, team, and lots more. Features include a rating option, social media links, image positioning, hover effects, arrow color and positioning, dots color and positioning, element positioning, sizing, button settings, custom transitions, advanced slide effects, and more. It comes with over 50 templates to get you started.

Price: $15 | More Information

Key Features 

  • Starts from $15
  • Create carousel sliders
  • Lots of customizations
  • 50 templates
  • Works with Divi and Extra

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Mighty Header & Menu Maker


Mighty Header & Menu Maker makes it easy to create custom headers, menus, and mega menus with the Divi Builder. You can set custom breakpoints to determine when the desktop menu will change to a mobile menu. Show a different header and menu on each page, have the header stick to the bottom of the page on scroll, change the logo position, and lots more. It comes with 8 premade layouts to get you started and it also includes the Stop Stacking plugin that keeps modules from stacking on mobile to give you more control over menu designs for tablets and phones.

Price: $59 | More Information

Key Features 

  • Starts from $59
  • Set custom breakpoints for mobile menus
  • 8 premade layouts
  • Placement options
  • Create headers, menus, and mega menus with the Divi Builder
  • Create custom menus per page
  • Stop Stacking plugin

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Divi Engine logo

BodyCommerce is a WooCommerce page builder that adds more WooCommerce features to Divi than any other plugin. Features include 61 modules and page builders for the checkout, cart, account, login, password, registration, search results, thank you, and attributes. It also includes custom pagination, galleries, a mini cart, email templates, product gallery slider, a custom cart icon, AJAX add-to-cart, custom badges, variation swatches, a form field customizer, custom product tabs, a checkout funnel, and lots more. It has 4 free layout packs to help you get started on your WooCommerce shop design. You can even try the plugin for free.

Price: $31 | More Information

Key Features 

  • Starts from $31
  • 61 modules
  • Checkout funnel
  • Custom cart icon
  • AJAX add-to-cart
  • AJAX add-to-cart
  • Variation swatches
  • The most WooCommerce features
  • 4 layout packs

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Divi Ghoster

Divi Space logo

Divi Ghoster is a white labeling plugin for Divi and Extra that lets you customize the branding for both yours and your clients’ websites. Change the name of Divi and all related elements including the author name, library, builder, etc., so clients and WordPress theme detectors won’t be able to know what theme you’re using. You can also hide all Divi plugins including Divi Ghoster. Links are provided so you can still access all of the settings. You can also customize the Divi elements to use your own icon, replace the Divi screenshot, and customize all of the colors. A login customizer is added to the theme customizer where you can add your own background image, change the fonts, colors, etc.

Price: $18 | More Information

Key Features 

  • Starts from $18
  • White labeling
  • Rename Divi and related elements
  • Hide Divi plugins
  • Customize colors
  • Replace the Divi screenshot
  • Login customizer
  • Hide pages from the dashboard
  • Replace the Divi icon
  • Works with Divi and Extra

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Ending Thoughts

That’s our look at the 10 recommended plugins for Divi. The plugins are well-designed, work great with Divi, and provide a wide range of new features and options. Most include multiple license options, so they can be purchased just for your own use or for use with clients’ websites. I have personally used every one of them and I can’t recommend them enough.