Email Campaigns that Will Increase Your Sales

Email marketing campaigns are one of the best weapons an eCommerce arsenal can have. They’re simply the best way to keep in touch with current customers, rescue inactive customers, and gain new customers; all this with a few emails.

An email marketing campaign focuses on building trust, not only with existing customers but also with potential customers. In this article, we will discuss the top 3 email campaigns that will help you increase your sales.

This tutorial is the fourth part of our WooCommerce Sales Funnel Series.

Woocommerce sales funnel email marketing

Post-Purchase Email Campaign

A post-purchase email campaign will have a great impact on your eCommerce business. Why? Because it will allow you to increase customer retention by making loyal customers out of your email subscribers.

Post-purchase emails are the follow-up message you send right after a customer has made a purchase. When they’re done right, these emails will help you tempt customers to come back to the site, pave the way for a second purchase, gain feedback, and improve the customer experience by making things more personal and one-on-one.

Post-purchase emails should be light, you should thank the customer for making the purchase, let them know you’re there if they need anything, and it’s also the perfect opportunity to recommend other products.

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Win-Back Email Campaign

The win-back email campaign consists of sending inactive subscribers a series of targeted and customized emails to win them back. This kind of email is targeted towards customers you may have lost; they engaged with your business a while back in some way, but they’ve stopped shopping.

You might be wondering, what should I care about winning back customers who ignore my emails or are just not interested in purchasing? Well, you should care because winning customers back is five times less costly than getting a new customer.

Plus, 45% of customers who receive win-back emails will open your emails in the future. That means this kind of email campaign fosters loyalty, and loyal customers are more likely to recommend your business, purchase again, and try new products.

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Cart Abandonment Email Campaign

We’ve discussed the cart abandonment email campaign in a previous article, so be sure to check it out to learn more. In short, this type of email campaign will allow you to reach those customers who have walked out on a purchase.

Cart abandonment is quite common and it happens for many different reasons. Whatever the reason for leaving mid-checkout, it’s not because they suddenly lost interest in the purchase. A cart abandonment email campaign will help you bring them back and persuade them to make the purchase.

Now, not all customers will be persuaded, but on average you will recover at least 10%, and that’s a lot of money to just leave on the table. That’s why a cart abandonment email campaign is a must.

As you can see, all 3 of these email campaigns cover do an essential job: they support your business and help you be more proactive with customers, which will lead to more sales!