How to Setup the Divi Slider and Full Width Slider

In this beginner tutorial, I will be explaining how you can set up the Divi slider and the full width slider. Both types of sliders are very easy to create in Divi. Sliders are a great way to show of your services. You can also create a testimonial slider, if you want to know how to create one then you can follow my tutorial “How to Make a Divi Testimonial Slider”.

We will be starting this tutorial with the default Divi slider.

Setup the Divi slider

Create a new page or use any of your existing pages. Create a new regular section and place a 1 column row, in this row place the slider module. If you switch to wireframe view it should look like this.

Divi slider layout

I change back to the visual view.

If you open the slide module you see the next screen.

Explaining the Divi slider

The 3 arrows marked with #1 are the options for all the slides. In the content tab, you will find options as show arrows or controls (controls are the little dots).

In the design tab, you find all the design options, for example, you can change the font size or color.

The advanced tab is for advanced options such as custom CSS.

So, if you change something in any of these tabs, you will see the changes on all the slides.

You can change the content of the slides by opening each of the slides by clicking on the cogwheel #2. Here you will also find 3 tabs, but the changes you will make here only counts for the slide.

To create more slides, you can press the + symbol under #2.

The best way to learn the slides module is to play with the settings and with the visual builder, you see the changes immediately.

Setup the Full width Divi slider

A full width slider is pretty easy to setup, the only difference is that you don’t choose for a regular section but for a full width section.

Create a full width section

After that choose the full width slider module. The settings are the same as for the default slider. If you want to create a slider with the height of the browser screen you can follow this tutorial how to change the Divi slider height.

If you want to add more functions to your Divi slider I recommend Divi Booster plugin, this plugin comes with tons of options for the Divi slider.