How To Create a One-Click Upsell In WooCommerce

What’s the actual price of directing your customers to the thank you page after a purchase? To some sellers, it’s a complete transaction they are happy to have made. Smart sellers know that this is a lost opportunity to sell even more. At the end of every purchase, have a golden opportunity to make an upsell offer. When things go according to plan, upselling makes transaction stories even better.

One-click upsells on WooCommerce have been in use for some time now. If you haven’t been using this strategy, then this is the best secret for your business. The interesting part is that upsell funnels are easy to create. In this article, you will learn what upsells are, why you need them and how to create them.

This tutorial is the second part of our WooCommerce Sales Funnel Series.

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What Are One-Click Upsells?

Have you ever been convinced by a sales rep to upgrade to the next size of a product? That’s a kind of upsell. An upsell is a post-purchase offer for an additional product or service. They are sellers’ secret to increasing online sales revenue. Usually, upsells are tempting offers. The customer after making a purchase is enticed into making another. While buyers get more satisfaction from purchases, sellers earn more revenue.

Upsell offer should not come too soon or too late during the buyer’s journey. If it’s too early, you may lose the entire order. This is because, before purchase, upsells can seem like a distraction to customers. When it’s too late, it may not work the magic. The perfect timing wins their heart and closes the deal. The customer you offer upsells should have made and be willing to pay for an order. This makes the one-click upsells the better alternative.

In one-click upsells, the customers’ card details have been submitted for the main offer. Instead of directing them to the thank you page, you offer them other products. The idea is that these customers are in a purchasing frame of mind. Thus, there is a high probability to make another purchase.

The customer will not have to re-enter their card details if they decide to purchase more products. The new price is automatically added before directing them to the thank you page.

Here is an example of a one-click upsell offer and this is what we will be creating.

One-Click Upsell example

Benefits of Using One-Click Upsells

Increase in Customer lifetime value

Between getting new customers to visit your site and retaining the old ones which option is easier? It’s more expensive to attract customers to your site. The customers you present upsells to are yours already. You want to maximise their buying experience and the value of their patronage. You also want to give them reasons to come back. That’s the opportunity upsells give every seller.

Maximizes your average order

Upsells persuade customers into transactions they never intended from the onset. It’s just like chocolates at the cashier’s desk spur customers into impulse buying. Instead of the initial value of the customer’s order, you earn a higher value due to the addition. The customer leaves your store more satisfied.  You, on the other hand, would have more sales per order and that’s a win-win.

Increase in revenue

Post-purchase upsells have been shown to increase revenue by 20- 35%. Think of all the aforementioned benefits. Better customer experience, increased orders, less cost. This route leads only to the profit end of your accounts. The Upsells strategy brings sellers so much extra revenue.

The strategy Of The One-Click Upsell Funnel

In traditional market settings where sales reps try to make you patronize them. When they pitch one item and you reject it, they bring another one. They keep up with this process till you finally accept one or none. In online marketing, these are sales funnels.

Funnels are the sequence of offers presented to buyers who have completed their initial purchase. There are two types: downsell offers and upsell offers. These would be discussed later on in the article. Let’s have a look at the one-click upsell buyer’s journey through these funnels.

Upsell and Downsell funnel

Step 1: Installation And Setup Of Plugins

You must have installed WooCommerce on your WordPress site. There are many one-click upsell plugins that can be used on WooCommerce. The list continues to increase with cooler and more flexible tools. You can use smart offers plugins or WooCommerce Buy Now plugin and the Payment Gateways. Thereafter, activate all the plugins. Usually, there is an option of adding the upsells with parent orders. This allows the product to be added to the parent order at the same shipping cost.

My prefered plugin for One-Click Upsells is Upstroke from WooFunnels. I use this plugin myself and I will show you how you can set it up here.

Step 2: Product Selection

Product selection is an integral part of your funnel creation. One-click upsells work with the psychology of buyers. Therefore, products must be strategically selected else it loses its effectiveness.  here are the one-click upsell product selection strategies.

Products Alignment strategy

An upsell should be aligned with the initial purchase. You should only upsell products that complement the initial order. Unrelated products can seem annoying to your customers. It may even reduce their buying experience from your store. If a customer buys a face cream, you can sell them a face mask too.

It’s about helping people find products that solve their problems. This makes you look concerned about your customer’s satisfaction.

Sell more for less strategy

This is particularly effective for products like medicines, ointments and other consumables. It’s basically for products that require replenishment. If a buyer buys one pack of an ointment you can upsell them three packs. Your offer could include discount price, spelling quantity and flat shipping charges. The discount should be enough to make it worth considering. It’s one of the best upsell offers that don’t question the main purchase. It just helps customers stock up more of your products for at a lower price.

The Switch Strategy

The idea here is to offer the same product they just purchased in another format. If you sell books, you can one-click upsell the audio or digital version. For services like consulting, you can upsell audio, video or printed version of your session. If its tickets to events, you can upsell recordings.  Just look for the extra that you know they will love to have.

Faster and Easier Goal Achievement strategy

People buy products to achieve definite goals. Do you have other products that can make this goal more attainable? Can the process be faster or easier for them with another? Sometimes customers do not know what they really need. Others do not know they have better options or complements. It’s your place to sell them what will give them better results.

You can sell them speed and automation in a social media traffic course using an auto-posting app; One-click upsell a calendar or planner to help them achieve their time-bound goals. For a weight loss purchase, sell recipes, meal planners and grocery options.  You can sell them follow up emails to help them use the products better.

Great Pitch/Description strategy

When you upsell a product, you do not leave things to the customer’s imagination. You need to entice them with pictures, product description and benefits. Your description should justify the rationale of making this unplanned purchase. The deal must be well highlighted; the page should be free of clutter. This is because you hijacked the normal flow of the purchase from the thank you page. You do not want your offers to become a nuisance to your customers. You can customize your upsell funnels to look even more attractive to customers.

Reduction in upfront Cost

People often use price as a major determinant when selecting products. On your end, your price determines how much profit you earn. You can have a scenario where your backend offers are more profitable. In such cases, you can cut down the price of the main sale. You could even go as low as break-even price. This will help you capture the attention of a certain number of prospects. As they make their purchase, you give them backend offers they can’t resist. The idea is that you lured them to your store instead of your competitors. Then you made up for what would have been a loss through your backend offers.

Subscription purchase Strategy

Upselling subscription-based products are one of the ways to win buyer’s loyalty. You can up one-click upsell physical products, information products, membership or support. This is as easy as adding the ‘subscribe and save’ option in your one-click upsell page. This strategy gives you more access to the needs of your true audience.  It gives you a competitive advantage and increases your customers’ lifetime value.

Small business owners’ strategy

Is the upsell strategy the right choice for small business owners with low as spends? Yes, it is. You don’t have to wait for your business to grow bigger. You can make your upsell offers on low-dollar products. Now that’s another effective strategy. In that case, people don’t even have to overthink before accepting. After all, the products don’t cost so much. The products must, however, have a reasonable demand. This would increase their desirability and the effectiveness of your strategy.

Purchase protection strategy

Product warranties and support are yet another upsell that customers are most likely to accept. People get more satisfaction when their purchase investments are secure. The chances are higher with computers, software, cell phones, cars, and other appliances. When you sell a phone, upsell a phone case or screen protection. You can upsell lifetime updates of tools like video editing software. When the tool is updated, such buyers won’t have to pay full price for the update. You can upsell consulting, premium support and VIP membership to customers. If the offer makes them more secure and satisfied, they will take it.

Step 3: Upsell Funnel Creation

Remember that the one-click upsell funnel is usually after the checkout page. You create the funnel based on the product, amounts spent and so on. The rule is, if the buyer purchases X, then this funnel for the transaction. These rules may include conditions such as attributes of customers, geography, date and time. You select the product then enter the details of the offer.

What makes up an Upsell funnel? Remember the types of upselling funnel offers; upsells and downsell offers. Let’s start the journey from the main order.

The Main Offer

The main offer is what attracts your prospects before they decide to patronize you. Usually, it’s the set of best-selling products on your site that serve as the main offer. The main offer of products are very strategic and must be handled as such. Your product adverts are usually meant to direct traffic to your main offers. The price must give you a competitive advantage so more buyers come to your site. The main offer must have the ability to attract prospects that will close sales. This puts your one-click upsell motive on track.

The Upsell Offer

This is the offer you present to the buyer of the main offer. It is presented after submission of card details is made. Instead of the thank you page, you present the one-click upsell offer. This is your chance to increase the average order value of your customer. For this upsell to generate the required result, you must understand your buyer. The peculiar needs of the buyers of products must be clearly understood. If the main order is a smartphone then the buyer should need a case or screen protector. If the buyer wants suede shoes, there may be a need for a shoe spray. The customer has the choice of accepting or rejecting your upsell offer. If the upsell is rejected, what next?

The Downsell Offer

When a customer rejects an upsell offer, there is another opportunity to pitch a product. This is the downsell offer. The downsell offer is sometimes the upsell offer at a lower price or payment plan. It could also be a more affordable alternative of the upsell offer. The downsell offer depends on what was rejected. Be careful not to place the same product as the upsell and downsell offer. This act may translate a wrong impression on your buyers. The downsell is like your one chance to make that profit. Just like in real-life situations, you must use the opportunity well.

Step 4: Funnel Settings

You have to select the behavioural settings for every offer. What happens if the customer accepts or rejects an offer? If the user rejects the offer do you bring up a downsell offer or progress to payment?

Here’s a simple picture to guide your design;

  • After the checkout page of the main order, you offer your customer the first upsell. The customer may accept or reject.
  • If the customer accepts you can either show the second upsell or direct them to the thank you page.
  • You can have as many funnels as possible. However, the more funnels you have, the more of a nuisance they become. Most times, funnels are limited to three to stay safe.
  • Are your funnels arranged according to priority? A priority funnel often serves as a trigger.
  • There has to be a system to confirm when an upsell order is charged. The order status, confirmation email, tracking and analytics features should be configured.
  • Tracking and analytics feature will show you how much upsell revenue each funnel has generated. It can provide stats on the funnels with the highest conversions. On the other side, you can see the least effective funnel.

Step 5: Customization Of Offers

You can change the design and outlook of the offers in your funnels to suit your specifications. There are sets of pre-designed templates you can use (if you use UpStroke). You also have the option of building a custom page by changing the colour, fonts and sizes. The aim of this is to entice customers and increase user experience.

The Dont’s Of One-Click Upselling

One-click upselling has its very positive sides but if done wrong, it has negative consequences. It can be a negative user experience. It can emanate into a turn-off from your site and may lead to negative user reviews. So here are the simple rules;

  • Do not upsell a product that much more expensive than the main order. The customers are working with a budget which is usually related to their main purchase. You should not attempt to take them far off their limits.
  • Don’t try to upsell an item that offers the exact thing as the main order. Unless you are offering a discount for bulk purchase. For instance; a customer ordered a face cream from a certain brand. Then you try to upsell a similar cream from another brand. You can offer them face masks or scrubs to complement the cream.
  • Never upsell a product that’s always available on your site at the same price. This means there is no urgency in its offer. An element of scarcity or urgency is required to make your offer relevant.
  • Do not upsell without profit consideration. If an upsell is not going to increase your profitability, it’s not worth it.
  • It’s totally wrong to upsell a product that has nothing to do with the initial order. You cannot upsell a camera to a customer purchasing health supplements. Such an upsell is a complete nuisance to the customer. What happened to selling at discounts for bulk purchase or other related products?
  • Finally, do not upsell a product that is a critical component of the main order. That means, without the upsell the main order is more or less obsolete.

How To Create A One-Click Upsell With UpStroke

Now that we know what a one-click upsell is and why we should use them it is time to create one.

You need to have a WooCommerce store and the UpStroke plugin.

This plugin is absolutly fantastic. You can create as many Upsells and Downsells as you like and you can create multiple funnels. You can track the performance of each funnel and offer.

With the ruler builder you can create rules when to show a funnel/offers based on the main product.

You can create offers in minutes with the predefined templates.Create One-Click Upsells

With The UpStroke Plugin

Get The Plugin HereFor this tutorial I will be creating a One-Click Upsell for my DiviShop design. You don’t need to have this design in order to follow this tutorial.

Step 1 install the plugin

After you have downloaded the plugin go to Plugins and upload UpStroke plugin. After the upload process has finished go ahead and activate the plugin.

After activating you should get a popup for entering your license key.

Step 2 Create your One-Click Upsell

Go to WooFunnels > One-Click Upsells

You will find here 2 example funnels that you can use as a starting point, but I am going to create a new one by clicking on Add New.

Give your new funnel a name and optional a description.

Create a new one click upsell

Step 3 Creating a rule

On the next screen you cat rules for your funnel when you want to show it. For this example I will create a rule to show it for all products.

My rule will look like this:

Set rules for your funnel

Step 4 Create your first offer

On the next screen (offers) you can create your offer funnel. On the left you will see the funnel starting with the checkout page and ending with the thannk you page in between there will be your upsell and downsell offers. 

Offer screen

Click on Add First Offer and give your offer a name.

Then click on Add New Product and find your product by starting typing the name.

Note: you need to have this product created in WooCommerce.

When you have added your product you can set a discounted price (1). You will see the discounted price here (2)

Under settings (3) you have additional options for this offer. For example don’t show this offer if it is part of the main offer.

Product offer settings

You can create more upsell or downsell offers for your funnel by clicking on Add New Offer. 

Step 5 Design your offer

There are 2 templates that you can use. I choose for the first one by clicking on apply.

Design your offer

on the next screen you can click on Customizer, this will open the customizer screen and here you can make changes to your offer page.

Note: If you use Divi you will see a bunch of shortcodes to remove these go to: Product > Your product name then scroll to Tabs and uncheck Display Product Tabs

Step 6 Activate funnel and offer

If you are done with setting up your funnel then you need to activate the funnel and offer(s).

Activate the funnel and offer