How To Create An Order Bump In WooCommerce

Before I will be explaining on how you can create an order bump, let’s start with explaining what an order bump is and why you should use them for your WooCommerce store.

This tutorial is the first part of our WooCommerce Sales Funnel Series.

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What Is An Order Bump?

An order bump is an experience that almost everyone has encountered once in a while. For example when you go to a McDonalds and order a burger.

It is the additional question that comes with your burger request when the seller asked if you would like some fries and cola with your order.

However, when it comes to purchasing online, it is the additional products added to your order to increase the value of what you are getting.

The order bump is placed on the checkout page just before the payout button. The order bump we will be creating later on looks like this.

What is an order bump?

Effectiveness of Order Bump

Order bumps are useful because if a customer just finished purchasing goods, only before they complete the transaction or about to pay or click the buy button. You can hand them a customized offer or advert card for an additional item they may need

For instance, a customer that buys a pair of footwear or software tool. You can give the customer a customized shoe protector spray polish or offer them training and installation as an order bump.

Giving an order bump should enhance the usage of the item a customer is getting from you. In the case of the software, nobody would want to get something that they will not be able to use.

The additional personal benefit the bump order has on the product is what makes them irresistible.

Another instance is seen when a customer wants to buy a guitar. It will be wise to offer them a customized higher quality guitar string, guitar bags, or any other customized item that will give them a fantastic feeling when playing the guitar.  It will make them want to come to your enterprises again.

However, a lot of customers are impetuous buyers, so presenting such items gives them more reason to purchase your products.

Order Bump Vs Upsell

Although Order Bump and Upsell gives additional items to their customers, they also have differentiating features.

Because of purchase, Order Bump usually comes on the order form before the final purchase and checkout. It comes in the form of a click-box or requesting the customer to add the product that matches with the product at the checkout page.

One-Click Upsell, on the other hand, reflects after the customer has finalized the purchase redirecting the customer to a new checkout page offering a product with more value.

Benefits of Order Bumps

The importance of order bump are:

  • Adds to the Normal Value of Items Adding more items to the main items of the request helps to increase the value of the purchase. It also increases the number of purchased items.
  • Increases Engagement It allows you to showcase more items related to the product to customers, thereby increasing the overall engagement of customers to the product.
  • Makes shopping easier A customer doesn’t have to start searching for product accessories as everything is made available on a single page.

Order Bump Examples

Order bump can be used in diverse ways to numb the value of your order. However, in the e-commerce store, you can use bump order to:

Create a Matching or Add-on Product/Service

Additional products are items that give more value to the actual product. For instance, if a customer buys a physical copy of your book, you can choose to offer them the electronic or audio model of that book at a lower price. The electronic or audio copy is not compulsory, but it will help boost the value of the original product.

Enable Instant Delivery Service

When dealing with tangible products, you can choose to give immediate delivery and shipment of products at a higher price as number order. This method is beneficial as a lot of people would want fast access to their order.

Provide Membership Option

As a seller that has membership programs- such as free shipping, discount products, private group invite, etc., on your website. You can offer these programs to customers using the order bump.

Give Product Warranty

Very costly items can be provided on the warranty because if it will save customers the pain of incurring more expense. This is an excellent measure for using bump order.

Go for Upgrade

This type of order bump makes previous products better. For instance, if a customer buys a lower model phone brand, you can give them a higher version as an order bump.

How To Create An Order Bump?

Now that we know what an order bump is and why we should use them it is time to create one.

You need to have a WooCommerce store and the Order Bump plugin. You can get this plugin here.

We are going to create an order bump for WooCommerce. I will be using my WooCommerce design DiviShop but you don’t need to have that in order to follow this tutorial.

You also need the plugin Order Bump from WooFunnels. You can get this plugin for $ 39.

This plugin comes with a ruler builder and you can use it for variable products too. With the ruler builder you can set different order bumps for different items in the cart. This is a fantstic plugin and I use it for my own shop aswell.

Increase Your Average Order Value

With The Order Bump Plugin

Get The Plugin Here

Step 1 install the plugin

After you have downloaded the plugin go to Plugins and upload the order bump plugin. After the upload process has finished go ahead and activate the plugin.

Step 2 Creating your order bump

Go to WooFunnels > OrderBump and click on Add New

Give your order bump a name and click on Create. For this example, I will be creating an order bump for a memory card.

Create a new order bump

Step 3 Creating a rule

We start with making a rule for the order bump to show up.

Click on Add Rules.

In my case I want to show this order bump always.

The rule will then look like this:

Create a rule for your order bump

Step 4 Create an order bump product

Go to the products tab and click on Add Product. Search for your product and add it. Keep in mind that you need to create this product first in WooCommerce.

Add a product

On the next screen you can set your discount for the product.

Give your order bump a discounted price

Step 5 Design your order bump

In the design tab you can customize your order bump. You can change the title if you like (1). The title uses a merge tag which will be your product title.

You can make here a custom description for your order bump (2).

Add text and style your order bump

In the skin tab you can choose an additional skin and in the style tab you are able to change the colors

Step 6 Settings tab

In the settings tab you can give this order bump a priority in case you are using multiple order bumps with same rules.

Here you can also reposition your order bump.

Enable your order bump by setting the switch to green.

You can see a live demo here:

Add a product and go to the checkout page to see it.