Beginner Divi tutorials


Divi theme logo the ultimate guide How to change the Divi logo
How to adjust the Divi logo height and size How to create an overlapping logo in Divi
How to fix menu items being overlapped by the logo in Divi Prevent the logo in Divi to shrink when scrolling down
How to add an SVG logo to Divi How to add a favicon to your Divi website

Header & Menu

How to create a custom Divi header Styling the Divi menu bar
How to style the Divi mobile menu How to add icons in your Divi menu
How to remove or change the Divi header shadow How to style and adjust the width of the dropdown menu
How to hide the header and footer in Divi How to add social icons in the Divi header
Divi menu customization


How to create a custom Divi footer How to center Divi footer credits
How to remove footer credits in Divi


5 unique Divi person module layouts 5 free Divi portfolio layouts
How to make the Divi accordion closed


Best Divi image sizes for your website How to swap an image on hover
How to build an image grid with a rollover


How to create Divi anchor links How to create an email link in Divi
How to create a clickable phone number How to create a Divi read more blog button

Contact form

How to fix missing email field in Divi How to make contact form 7 look like Divi


How to use and style the Divi shortcode button How to create a beautiful Divi button


How to remove the Divi sidebar How to place any Divi module in the sidebar widgets area


How to make a Divi testimonial slider How to setup the Divi slider and full width slider
How to change the Divi slider height

Errors & Fixes

How to fix the Divi builder timeout error

Shortcodes & Media Queries

Divi breakpoints and media queries

Advanced DIVI tutorials

How to make a sticky section in Divi How to create a custom 404 page in Divi
How to create a call to action button in the menu How to create a custom search result page
How to make a horizontal opt-in in Divi How to create a slide-in with Divi


How to make a website with WordPress and Divi theme Why I choose SiteGround as my personal #1 hosting platform
Essential Guide how to create a Divi child theme

Clean sheets

50 keyboard shortcuts for Divi